Tachi x No Labels

TITIKA has partnered with Tachi and eight of our TITIKA brand ambassadors to welcome our newest member of TITIKA and our first-ever male ambassador.

The event was held at TACHI, Canadas first stand-up Sushi restaurant! Tachi is part of the same restaurant group as Sushi Masaki Saito and Shoushin, which specialize in Japanese omakase. Omakase is a form of Japanese dining in which guests leave themselves in the hands of a chef to create and receive a meal that is seasonal and uses only the finest ingredients available. 

While taking all COVID-19 precautions we were able to join together over a traditional Japanese dining experience in the heart of Toronto, to give thanks to our community, our partners and our new journey within TITIKA. We welcomed Netflix Actor, Chase Tang for partnering with us to be the newest host of our IGTV series “No Labels.”

No Labels is our soon to be launched IGTV video series which will be taking place completely remotely via video chat. No Labels was created to empower women; to remove judgement, prejudice, and bring awareness to the raw and unedited side of what we see on social media. We will be hosting women from all over to tell us their successes, their failures, and their everyday struggles to bring awareness to those going through similar situations with zero judgement, normalization of hardships and No Labels. " 


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